Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Brain Shut Down...

...And my Fingers took over.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly a kite? Not just any kite but a really nice kite while you're standing on the edge of a mountain. Or a clff. Or something rather dastardly and dangerous - although dastardly probably isn't the right adjective in this situation - that's equivolent to standing on the edge of a cliff and flying a kite off the edge.

I think it would be fun. I can picture just standing out in the wild and letting the windo blow stuff everywhere, not a care in the world behind the kite. There are eagles circling the area, so there must be a large river or lake below the cliff. And probably some sharp rocks. The sky is blue, the wind is clean, the treas and grass are greener and than green and it's just beautiful.

And then I fall off the cliff. That's usually what happens . Somethinggrabs the kite and yanks and I'm tumbling off the edge of the liff and falling, falling, faliling until the water breaks my fall.

I die.

Of course, dying in this world isn't exactly dying in our world. You se e, what happens when you die is you get woken up and tranversed back into your won body, some several hours ago. The thing is, you have no access yto your previous self so its just a continual cycle of falling off the edge of the cliff until there's about three thousand "Yous" in your mind and then you explode.

And you aren't transferred. That's usually how that story ends. Unless the leopard shows up and starts playing with me. There's a random leopard in a lot of my little fantasizes and daydreams. I've taken to calling him Stripes. Even if he is a leopard.

I like leopards. They're almost as good as turtles. I was talking to someone before homeroom the other day and was explaining my propensity to be talking about something completely normal and then end up discussing the positive aspects of turtles and other random things. Of course, mentioning that fact made me talk about how amazing turtles were and then somehow I ended up talking about my toes and how they grew over each other in weird ways. Yeah. I'm the school weirdo.

Although, not really. There's this one guy, Max, who really holds that title. Jumping out the window really does guarantee you a position of infamous notability. Jumping back in through the window guarantees you a position of strange. And then, after a few days, jumping out the window again and running away guarantees that everyone in the school knows your name within two days. Especially when the police are called in to help. Max. You're really a special person.

I really like the exchange between Dash and Elasticgirl in The Incredibles about how if everyone special that makes no one special. The Incredibles is a good movie. It's a Pixar one. And Pixar is amazing. There full length stories... their shorts... I like Pixar.

Okay. >.< I wrote that with my eyes closed and I'm not changing anything. Enjoy your glimpse as to how my mind works when I'm way past the emotional state of caring.

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