Monday, March 14, 2011

Because I Need a Topic...

Apocalypse came when little Coco Kolla stood on a zoo bench, staring down at a pair of aboriginal kangaroos.

"Boring," cried she, and off she ran, bouncing though the zoo like the over active eight year old everyone knew she was.

Crocodiles watched the girl, a smile on their faces, but in fact, they couldn't care less.

Dolphins jumped and splashed, trying to warn little Coco Kolla of her inevitable doom - because dolphins always knew about the danger - but the girl would not listen.

Elephants trumpeted and monkeys cawed, but Coco paid no head.

Freedom, for a few free moments, was hers; and she would not soon give it up.

Granny Kolla had dropped her off and the zoo and left her all alone, but that did not worry Kolla.
Having no one around was great fun for her.

Ignoring the animals, Coco Kolla dashed through the zoo with no supervision; and she loved every moment of it.

Juice boxes strewn the ground behind her, as Coco had learned out to break in and out of concession stands very, very quickly.

Kola bears watched her with sad, somber eyes, thinking, 'Poor little girl, all alone in this big wide world.'

Later, Coco started to tire out, so she found a bench and lay down.

Many animals watched her from their cages, always exchanging a series of animal communications.

"No good," hissed the snakes, "humans are no good."

"Oh," cried the kindly giraffe, "so young to be the only one to survive."

"Poor form," replied the tigers, "not dying with the rest; now we can't have the run of things."

Quite naturally, Coco Kolla was sound asleep and did not hear such conversations.

Reaching beyond the walls of the zoo, apocalypse had come in the form of a meter which struck the earth with more deadly force than any atomic bomb; little Coco Kolla was the last human alive.

Sunset came, and Coco awoke to the cold.

Terrified, she started upright and began to run around the zoo, searching for someone to cling to; but she found no one.

Underneath a picnic bench she hid as with the night came a freezing, acidic rain.

"Very, very, cold," Coco whispered, her teeth chattering, "I want my Granny."

Wildebeests led the escape from zoo, as all the animals broke free from their cages and charged into the world, leaving little Coco Kolla under her picnic bench.

Xylophones have no bearing on this story.

Years past and Coco turned into nothing more than a fossilized memory; a tribute to the last human left alive.

Zoos, however, were closed for the duration of the apocalypse; because with the death of man came the rise of animals in control.


Everyone. Forgot you ever read this. I will hypnotize you. And you will forget.

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  1. We now know what happens when you ask Er's brain for a topic. Precautionary measures will be taken to ensure that this does not occur again.