Monday, March 7, 2011

Sensible, Sane Questions

...for once in my life...

I'm going to ask two questions. Just two, and then I'm going to answer/rant about them for the next few minutes you're reading this. You're welcome to go do something else. This is probably a rather pointless activity.

1) If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Seriously, I hate this questions. My first response is usually, does it have to be in the world? Because at present, my answer would either be: Narnia, during the reign of High King Peter; the TARDIS, while the Tenth Doctor has it; Babylon 5 station, any time during the 2-5 seasons; Mount Olympus, where all the Greek gods live; Oz; or in the Lion King.

My next question would tend to be, does it have to be in this time period? If not, I would probably want to go back to ancient Greece or Roman. But more Roman, about 60 AD or something. Travel with Paul, see Philippe in person and hope I can one day stop spelling the Philippines/Philippians wrong. Why do both of those spellings exist? Or I'd go into the future, just to see what it looks like, if we really do make it into the stars. It would be interested to watch WWII take place, never getting involved or anything, but I think it would be fascinating. Battles fascinate me. One thing I wish history did more of was study battles and tactics and logistics and armies.

If it has to be in this world, in this time period, I would answer some town in Virginia. And then people ask me which town. And then I say I don't know. And then they look at me funny. They never ask why, however. I think people get so used to be they assume there's a really strange answer for something. Sometimes, I feel I'm my school's personal Luna Lovegood.

2) If you could have dinner with ten people, dead or alive, who would they be?

My answer to this questions chances all the time. I ask this question a lot. It's a good topic to discuss. People's heroes and friends and whatnot tend to give a very interesting insight into their personality.

Right now, my answers are Sandy, “Annabeth,” J.M. Straczynski, Mr. Schwaubauer, Benjamin Franklin (he always seems to make the list), Louis Sachar, Ellen Raskin, CS Lewis (he's a usual person on the list too), Adam Young, and George MacDonald.

Everyone on that list is a writer besides for Adam Young and I suppose Benjamin Franklin. So I'll narrow the criteria to fictional writing. And even then, Benjamin Franklin might fit. So I'll narrow the criteria to fictional writer who've I've read and loved.

Although, technically, I haven't read anything written by Straczynski. I've just watched his TV show. Which is like a novel. A novel for television. That's how epic and suspenseful the end of each episode would be if you didn't know what was coming. I do believe I watched 30 hours of that show in just one extended weekend. >.>

All of those guys are epic.

The harder aspect of this question to answer is if you have to answer for fictional characters. Seriously, it's like, impossible.

At present, my answers are G'Kar (Babylon 5), Zoe Nightshade (Percy Jackson), the Doctor (Doctor Who), John Sheridan (Babylon 5), Delenn (Babylon 5), Puddleglum (Narnia), Samwise Gamgee (Lord of the Rings), Scar (Lion King), Rapunzel (Tangled), and River Song (Doctor Who).

Okay, you're turn. Where would you go and who would you eat with?


  1. VIRGINIA? O_o That's... really boring... XD Why?

    But heh... I hate when people ask that question too, I'd have to say Paris because it's just really beautiful and I love the French language and the Eiffel Tower. I want to live on the Eiffel Tower for a couple days. Why do all wirters like the Eiffel Tower so much?

    I've already answered the other one... but for the charrie part, none of yours? I think for me most of mine would be my own because you know they never talk to me. =P And Proginoskes. ^_^ <3

  2. WO.ow. I took me a full day to figure out who Proginoskes was. -headdesk- And I LOVE him too! Gr. >.>