Tuesday, March 22, 2011


A lot of rather random things happened today.

In homeroom, I worked on a dialogue that a partner and I have to present in Chinese. In the dialogue, I want to go get ice cream, but my partner doesn't understand why we should go get ice cream because it's snowing. It's pretty epic. Besides for the fact that I've got a massive translating job to do. Which is what I should be doing... instead of this. Actually, I haven't done any of my homework, so... yeah...

And then in Global, Hannah was being incredibly annoying and she kept trying to get me flustered and then apologizing and it was really annoying. During our discussions, I asked our teacher who her favorite president was. My dad is so going to love this... =P She replied Lincoln (he's, like, everybody's favorite, I don't get that) FDR, Lyndon B. Johnson and Carter. I laughed. She asked why I laughed. I told her I was hearing the anti-Carter rant that I got every time his name came up. (C'mon Dad, don't disappoint). And then Rishi and I had a discussion after class about taxation without representation and no one understood what we were talking about. Which was weird. Because we weren't being that obfuscating.

PE was pretty normal. For PE at least. Except for the fact that my engineering teacher was there for about fifteen minutes, talking to one of the two gym teachers. It was like... weird. He kept watching us.

Science was science. Nothing to report really. Except for the fact that my science teacher spells "within" as two words. That's really annoying. I don't like that.

We're reading Macbeth. It's Shakespeare, I get that. But we're reading it aloud, without having any previous knowledge of the play. No one can get through three lines without stumbling or misspronouncing something. Me included. Our teacher asked us who we thought was a stronger character, Macbeth or Lady Macbeth. Out of 25, 5 said Macbeth, including me. Our teacher asked us who we thought was going to kill King Duncan. I and two others said Macbeth. Everyone else thinks Lady Macbeth is going to do it.

In IED, Satjiv and Jonah continued to talk about Lewis Carroll. It was a conversation we started yesterday when Satjiv was inputting Jabberwocky into his calculator and Jonah said it wasn't normal for people to know Jabberwocky off the top of their heads. I started reciting the poem. He rolled his eyes. Seriously, I love that class. It's great. And we're assembling our pieces, so it actually looks like we have a little model engine now and it's epic.

And in math, we had a test that took me almost the entire period! I only had seven minutes of waiting around instead of the usually twenty or fifteen. It was a fun test. I think that I've gotten full credit for it, but I'm not. Usually if I'm really confident about all my answers, I'll get about two questions wrong. So, this state of mind is okay. I think I messed one of them up, but... yeah...

And then on the way to the bus, there was a police man walking through the hallways and it felt like he was following me. It was unnerving. Especially when he turned down the B-wing right after I did. Creepy. Really creepy.

And I really, really want to go write right now but I've got homework. Siiiiigh...

I can do the -stans now! Not that I know all of them, as I still can't say the Taij-something-stan or the smaller K-something-stan, but I know which countries they are. I just need the capitals now. Hm... And then I've got to remember the Az-something-jan country that sandwiches Armenia and is below Georgia. Really. I've been seeing this map in my head all day. It's nightmarish.

Okay. I'm going to stop procrastinating now.

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  1. Tajikistan... Azerbaijan. We used to have these placemats of the world with all the countries labeled, except some of them were too small to be labeled directly on it. So they had abbreviations. My brother and I would always make fun of 'Taj' (Tajikistan) and 'Yug' (Yugoslovia). I don't really understand now what was so funny...