Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Teacher Goofs

ECONOMICALLY IS NOT A WORD! Seriously, my English teacher said "economically" about seventeen times today.

A couple of months ago, my science teacher said something was "unrelevant and irequivocal." She then proceeded to tell the whole class that those two words were antonymous. However, she did catch the antonymous mistake and switch it to synonymous, but the mixed up prefixes remained.

My Chinese teacher makes a ton of spelling mistakes, but she's from Shanghai, so it's acceptable. No one can spell February anyways.

Last week, my math teacher spelled the word "image" wrong three different times. He wrote "imagine," erased it, wrote "imagine" again, erased it, and then word "imige." A few minutes after that, we proceeded to get into a discussion as to what "dilate" means. When you shine a light directly in your eyes, they dilate, right? They get smaller. They expand when there's not enough light. That's what I thought, I'm not sure though. Anyway, the whole class got embroiled in that discussion.

My science textbook doesn't understand the meaning of a paragraph, or a comma. They had three independant clauses joined together with no punctuation. And then there was a paragraph that was about three pages long.

In a video we were watching on the Cold War during social studies today, they pronounced "lethargic" as "lee-far-gik" as opposed to "le-thar-gic."

In science today, she showed us a picture that showed the water cycle, however, there was this really big mountain right next to the ocean and it was raining on the leeward side of the mountain, not the oceanic side of the mountain. I pointed this out to my teacher. She blinked. And then the class started finding other problems with that particular photo.

I know I make a lot of mistakes with grammar and spelling and whatnot, but these were some teacher-related goofs that I just felt like sharing.

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  1. I can spell February! =D

    And from what I've heard your science teacher is definitely the worst of them... <.<

    Dilated eyes are bigger. So your eyes dilate in the dark.