Thursday, March 10, 2011

The EU

Shoot me. Just shoot me now.

This is a rant. Just so you're aware.

We're doing this research paper in social studies and while we were supposed to be picking our topics, I requested my teacher suggest a very difficult topic. That's how I ended up having to write a five to six page paper on the economic problems of the EU.

We were in the library at school today (the LMC), doing research on the computers in the backroom. I had such a migraine. It was awful. And of course, this is a group of regular students, non-enriched, who have absolutely no wish to be working on that research paper at the time. They were so loud! I wadded up two pieces of paper and stuck them in my ears to try and keep the noise down.

I asked my teacher how long she thought I'd last until I cracked and did something really, really, really stupid. At least I made it through the class. I might not be that lucky tomorrow. Yes, social studies was definitely a long class today. I really, very strongly dislike the LMC. Every time I go there, I get a headache. Maybe it's got something to do with the rooms or whatever, but I can't go to the LMC without a migraine, it's awful.

The thing is, my teacher's making us print our sources so she knows we're not plagiarizing and include those sources with our paper. It's a nightmare, I've never done that. I don't think in that way. I accumulate the information and then go back and find the specifics; pile that headache on top of the first one.

And, to top off the simply lovely day I'm having right now, I've got a bucket load of homework, mostly research for that paper on the economic problems of the pigs of the eu, English, IED, science and a ton of Chinese. On top of that, I got my score for the AMC 10 back today and it was rather depressing. I got below average on all accounts. Below average. One of the feelings I strongly dislike is being subpar in an area in which I know I can succeed and do better. Gr. I got a 61.5 out of a possible 150 points. 61.5!

I've complained about three things, so I'll say right now that I'm grateful for sleep, I'm grateful for pretzels, and I'm grateful for stuff to drink. There, now I've been thankful as many times as I complained. >.> Kinda. At least I get to skip Brit Lit next year, seeing as I already took it. The process was almost painless, really. I'm taking Creative Writing and problem Contemporary Literature and this'll give me space to take another half year elective like psychology, which I'm excited about. Thankfulness. Yay.

I'm gonna go get something to drink.

And something salty.

Or paprika-y...

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  1. Gosh, your classes sound so dang FUN compared to mine (note I am referring to the English classes) I have no options when it comes to English except for... English. And they count Spanish III as an 'elective' for English for my junior year. Grhrhr my school is really tiny.

    ANyway. -paTHUG* You really do have it worse than me in the long run, I shouldn't complain. But you have so much work... gosh. And.


    I don't do things that way. I read a bunch of information, forget exactly what I read, and basically store the information I got away for later. I can't do it the way the school system wants us to do it. >.<

    Somewhat different than what you described, but contrary to normality nonetheless =P