Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I really, really, really hate paper cuts. Because it hurts whenever I hit t, r, g, f, b, and v. And I just went and pressed each and everyone of those letters. Oh, and c. I forgot c.

I've had this paper cut since eight in the morning and it's really really really annoying because I haven't been able to work on Spiderweb Whatjamacalits for any length of time because my finger starts blistering with pain. It's really annoying.

But then I think I'm getting repetitive.

I still hate paper cuts.

Especially if you lick an envelope and you get it a paper cut on your tongue. That's like, almost as bad as a kankersore. I recently had a kankersore right in the front of my bottom lip and it was really strange because it rolled over my teeth in weird ways when I talked and it hurt if I frowned or smiled and it was really awful. It lasted for about three days. But this paper cut is so annoying. It's not that I can't handle the pain, it's just a nusiance.

Sigh. It's the really annoying pains that bug me. I'm fine if it's an actual pain but something that's small and barely noticeable, that's the worst. Like an itch in my throat or a slight throb behind the eyes or a stuffy nose. I only notice headaches now if they're really bad. But this paper cut... is... AH!

It's driving me insane.

Mad, I tell you, mad!

Because it's a paper cut!

I don't like paper cuts.

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  1. I know what you mean... <.< Missionaries always say that when you go to a foreign country the problems that drive you insane aren't the big ones like language barriers and money problems. They're the little problems. Mosquitos. Barking dogs and catfights. Annoying noises. I'm pretty sure that goes for everyday life too...