Monday, March 28, 2011

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Brighton the Sock Monkey went to school with me today.






Dies laughing.

What is so special about a sock monkey, that it throws half the people i interact with so off kilter they have trouble thinking straight? The reactions were many and varied, and some of the most interesting ones came from people who I didn't know. Most of the strangest conversations happened with the people i did know. I'm using substitute names... so you don't really need to know the people.

In social studies, Rick looked at me, looked at the monkey, shook his head and said, "I'm not going to ask." He has - lucky him - been subject to one of my rants about people who ask me to explain why i do something. Amelia just rolled her eyes and asked what the monkey's name was. My teacher for that class just laughed and went off to control some of the out-of-control people in that class.

In Chinese, he got some odd looks, but then Karen drew a picture of the Doctor (10th) and Jack Harkness arguing about bananas. The Doctor had just shot Jack with a banana and Jack was dying. It was hysterical. Brighton didn't seem to think it was that funny. He ate the banana. And he still refuses to like apples. Siiiigh.

In study hall, i got Brighton out of backpack and set up him on the desks while I was reading. My conversation with Marc was like "What's that?" "A sock monkey." "What's a sock monkey?" "This." "Why do you have it?" "International shipping project." "What?" And then the teacher told Marc to be quiet. Later, the teacher decided that Brighton was a baboon, but of course, she had trouble coming up with the right word for baboon because she's a native Spanish speaker and everything. I think that she and i decided that sock monkeys were their own breed of animals.

Nothing special happened in lunch, but in the cafeteria, i made some paper earmuffs and stuck them over Brighton's ears when he started complaining about the language. Yes. We had mental conversations throughout the day. It was engaging. And very weird, but still fun. Anyway, so throughout lunch, Brighton wore earmuffs. Jen doesn't like monkeys. She thought Brighton was a weirdo. He probably is. Leaving the cafeteria, some random guy came up to me and asked why i had a monkey. I said it was an international shipping project. He snorted.

In English, Ms. Tworek just smirked. She's got a great smirk. And... while we're on the topic of English, I'd like to mention that i really dislike watching Sir Patrick Stewart in Shakespeare. I mean, i know he's done a ton of it, but it feels so wrong! I spent all of this English period wincing and picturing David Tennant reciting Hamlet's to-be-or-not-to-be soliloquy while wearing an orange t-shirt. >.< I don't like modernized Shakespeare; especially ones with Patrick Stewart.

Nothing much happened in engineering or math either, but Seth made a comment to the effect that my nerd ranking went up about two points. I thing pointed out that he was already incredibly familiar with parametric constraints, so he was probably higher up on the geek ladder. He disagreed. Of course, this ended up with Josh, Seth and i leading the whole class period in a discussion as to who was geekiest. The end result was Seth and i about equal with Josh a few rungs below us, Beth a few rungs below him and then Matt a few rungs below her. We didn't continue to dish out the geekiness. And math was math... which meant staring at the wall for close to forty-three minutes straight. Okay, it's not that bad.

Walking to the bus, a few people commented about how random it was, or how cute it was, or -beep- THERE'S A MONKEY IN HER BACKPACK. It made me laugh. A lot. Anyway, yes. That's pretty much what happens when you take a sock monkey to school.

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