Saturday, March 26, 2011

If You Give a Cat a Monkey...

One of my favorite little childrens' books is If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. I've only read that book about ten different times and I know it almost as well as I know Green Eggs and Ham and that's saying something.

Anyway, I was outside today and I placed Brighton the Sock Monkey down on the ground. Hobbes, our cat, was about two yards away at this time. He flipped out - the cat, not the monkey, that is. I mean, his tail got so big and he started stalking this inanimate monkey. It was hysterical. I got pictures of it too... Brighton was not happy with me. He kept complaining that he was being attacked by a tiger.


Although, I suppose this begs the questions of what happens when you give OYANers a monkey. We-e-ell. We've kind of already discovered that with Brighton the Monkey Mascot. He's a cool idea, yes, and it's great being able to ship him around and everything, but I think he's slightly overrated. Right now, he's downstairs so he can't get offended. Maybe it's Drew's conditioning.

I was a little shocked today when I assembled all the stuffed animals in the house. Bob has moved his over to Mom's house, but there were only three monkeys. I have Drew's entire collection, minus Bunny, and he only had one stuffed monkey, the sloth. I had the other two. I mean, Drew was practically obsessed with monkeys for the longest of time and we only had three stuffed monkeys! It astounded me.

Hobbes does not like Brighton. Which I think is hysterical. Sock monkeys are great. I love sock monkeys. They're fun and amazing and epic and etc. etc. etc. For some really random reason, I feel like watching Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang. Anyway, sock monkeys are just... very OYANish and comfortable and fun and engaging and I'm sounding really corny right now. I'm trying to get Brighton to like apples. They are a New York staple, after all. He doesn't sound convinced.

All fear the power of the sock monkeys! For they shall eat you.

And your apples.

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  1. You're in a really strange mood O_o

    I didn't know you had Brighton... awesome. XD

    I don't like monkeys <.< They freak me out. (except for sloths. ask me and I'll tell you a really hilarious story about sloths and me) There's this guy at my school who looks SO much like a monkey it scares me.