Monday, March 7, 2011

We-ell, Mr. Psychiatrist...

...I Simply Started Asking Questions...

Why does no one ever stop to wonder how blood type could effect vampires? What if vampires could only suck a certain type of blood? What if they would die if they made a mistake? What if? What if? What if? Why do people only make them sparkle, not answer any of the interesting questions?

How dangerous would a wolf be if it turned human during the full moon?

What would happen if you mated an orc and an elf?

In the evil to good spectrum of light to dark, where does pink fit it? Or yellow, for that matter? Or blue, or green? What happens when you tint evil a different color?

What really would happen if you crossed elephants and kangaroos? Seriously, not the “black holes all over Australia” thing. Marsupial pachyderms?

If plants could see, what would a thistle sound like? Would it be fingernails on a chalk board, or the sweetest sound in the world?

What do dwarf women look like????!???!?!?!?!?!

Why is it that Star Trek and even Star Wars and other science fiction shows seem to see space as two dimensional? I mean, they sector things off into quadrants. “It's gonna take us 72 years to get back from Gamma Quadrant to Delta Quadrant. Oh no!” Seriously, you can't sector something that so purely three dimensional as space off into quadrants.

Why is the end of the world never the end? Why is it that life always lives to see the end and to start rebuilding? Apocalypse stuff is so over used.

If my charries were real, what chaos would ensue? Well, Justin Bieber would have been dropped from the Eiffel Tower a couple of months ago, sorry, Justin, that's just the way things are. Keil would probably be wanted by all the governments of the world for random acts of weirdness. Flora would wreck havoc every where she went. And Stuffz, we-ell, seeing as he's the personification of all evil, I suppose he does exist.

Here's a big question, why did I ever name the personification of all evil, Stuffz?

If ogres are like onions, doesn't that mean we should be comparing them to Aslan's country, which is a comparison for Heaven and... yeah... I think I'm stopping this question here.

What is the fourth dimension?

What would happen if you gave Jack the Ripper four tactical nukes?

What would happen if you gave Donald Duck four tactical nukes?

What would happen if Harry Potter had four tactical nukes? Hm... maybe a much less angst-filled novel with a lot more action and good fun adventure in it. Then, of course, he'd probably end up blowing himself up due to a miscast spell because Hermione wasn't there to stop him...

What would happen if Percy Jackson had four tactical nukes? Well... Bye bye Smelly Gabe. Bye bye Kronos. Bye bye Luke. Why does no one ever use nukes?

What would happen if you let OYANers run the government? … No. No. NO! STOP THIS TRAIN OF THOUGHT!!!! I'm not going there! No! It. Would. Be. Disastrous. Sure, we all know how many states are in our country, but, -hyperventilates- that would be a bad day. I mean, we'd probably make handshakes illegal and enforce that everyone great each other with a glomp! Oh no. >.> I should not have even brought this up.

What happens when you let me have access to my mind when I probably should be doing something else right now. MWUAHAHAHA!

What would happen if I actually stayed on topic for once in my life? Actually, I don't think that's ever going to happen. So I think I'd die.

If flying really was just throwing yourself at the ground and missing, wouldn't it be epic?

What would happen if Shel Silverstein got elected president?

What would happen if
Dr. Suess got elected president? For some reason, I'm getting the idea that we would have a lot more randomness and a lot less problems.

And... the ultimate question that will forever go unanswered.


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  1. "Here's a big question, why did I ever name the personification of all evil, Stuffz?"
    I was just wondering that XD

    I'm sure Tolkien realized that the night before he died. =P