Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Showers Bring...

Well, my favorite answer to that questions is Pilgrims, but, heh, I've had a whole weekend of thinking laterally. Well, no so much laterally as off-the-wall kind of strangeness. Well, mostly. Well, will you look at that? I've started every single sentence in this paragraph with Well; except now... I haven't. What a strange world we live in.

Anyway, I'm beginning to think that my dad needs to go into political cartooning. Or math cartooning. Or geekiness cartooning. He has some of the best sayings ever. And I know he's reading this, so I'm going to switch topics to something else now, seeing as one can only rave about such sayings for so long. We-ell, at least without the fear of loosing a non-geeky audience.

Well, most of my friends are geeks, which - in my opinion - is excellent. Some people, I think, are geeks by choice. They purposefully find some interest or hobby that's incredibly strange or abnormal and then revel in that awesomeness. Others are just born into it.

Like my older brother, who shall be known for the purpose of this blog as Archimedes-Ptolemy-Hui-Chongzhi-Maimonides-Lambert-Niven APHCMLN for short. APHCMLN was simply born a geek. There's just no way someone would consider that someone at the second grade reading level might need an algebra textbook. =P

I feel like a snicker-giggle-snort right about now. But I don't know about what. Maybe I should come up with names for my other two older brothers. I wouldn't want them to feel like Bob and APHCMLN are more special then they are. Maybe I should talk about April...

I don't really like April. It's always been my second least favorite month with March being the worst. I don't like the change of seasons. I don't like how it wavers back and forth and back and forth and it CAN'T MAKE UP IT'S MIND! In April I don't like how everyone's running around outside and talking about how wonderful the weather is and on and on and on and on.

Sure, the first flowers come out and everything is beginning to grow and that's nice from a poetic person, but I'm not a very fun and dandy poetic person.

Funny story. Well, maybe not funny, but at least slightly interesting, on the OYAN forum, the person who probably influenced my writing the most was BlackDragon, and it was one little snippet that she placed online, I believe because she was having problems with it or whatever. I don't remember very well. Anyway, the snippet depicted a little girl who hides her dad's drugs and alcohol away. This little girl is very protective and loving of her little cat. Well, her dad goes looking for the drugs and the alcohol until he makes the little girl tell her where they are and she finally caves and tells him. As a reward, he snaps the kitten's neck and tosses the dead body at the girl.

<.< Note to my parents: I am sane. Do not worry that much.

I just found it so dramatic and lovely and captivating and frankly, beside for (yes, Sandy, I know) Nai's Forest of Lies, I don't really remember anything on the forum that I read for someone I wasn't a good friend with at the time that I read it. Okay, except for maybe Mig's story about the veteran who came home and found everything gone, but Mig and I were friends... Hm. That's actually curious. What else did I even read?

^-^ Anyway, I once got in an argument with someone as to whether or not Morbidity was a word. Needless to say, I won.

So, April showers bring mayflowers, pilgrams and a whole host of randomness when they let me out on my own.

Maybe I should have a character named April Shower. She would get more annoyed than, well, a lot of characters. I'm going to my light bulb room now. See ya! Signing off! Over and out! Rodger! So Long! Bye! Goodbye! Farewell! Thanks for all the fish!

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  1. I am in an utterly weird mood, as you might have already noticed. So I'll just say MORBIDITYMORBIDITYMORBIDITYMORBIDITY
    I love that word ^_^