Friday, April 29, 2011

Teddy Bears + Food

My family has this tradition of sorts. We name our teddy bears after food. It's funny, actually; there's Marmalade, Cocoa, Ginger... all of our teddy bears are named after food.

I was writing a short story and named a little brown bear The Horrifying Prince of Doom. ^.^ Which isn't, technically a food.

There's just a lot of great names you can get from food.





Bob gave Dad a geek-bear that I wanted to name Newton, after Sir Isaac Newton and Figg Newtons, I thought it was a good idea. I'm not sure what that bear's name is now.

A friend and I were googling random pictures of people. A picture of my the geek brother showed up that has Bunny the Duck resting on his head. It's a great picture. But my friend didn't understand why the duck was named Bunny. I didn't even try to explain the bears named after food.

My favorite teddy bear is Cocoa. I've practically bitten her ear off because of the number of times I've bitten into her ear to keep from screaming and crying and that stuff. My other favorite stuffed animal is Roco, who's a stuffed raccoon, so not named after a food. Anyways, Roco's second name is Fumara (sp?) because he's both named after a council from a camp, but also my great-grandfather on my dad's mom's side of things. Roco and Cocoa are the best.

I like teddy bears.

I like food.


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  1. Why did your brother's picture show up on google? O_o