Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Where did they go?

Poems used to be such a stable in our culture's literary thing. Everyone knows Tennyson and Wordsworth and that but - outside of English class - how many people actually read poems a lot? I don't. Do you?

My school is putting together a literary magazine and we were reading some of the poetry submissions and it was a little humorous how awful some submissions are. We've even forgotten how to write literature as a country. Well. In general. You know, one of the girls in my homeroom was writing a sonnet and she kept insisting that sonnets were supposed to be twelve lines wrong; and that all of the couples were rhyming. It was... amusing.

So I kept thinking about it. Yes. That's me. I obsess about what happened to stuff that used to be popular. And then Natasha started bugging me about music again.



Music. The twentieth century version of poetry. The twentieth-first century of version of prose. I am not a music person. Which leads me to believe that I would never be a poetry person. Music has become SO important to our culture. It's infectious. It's evil. It's-- I think I'm going to go get earplugs now.

Just an observation.

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  1. Heehee, I'm the editor or our school's MINISCULE literary magazine and trust me, we're lucky if we get any submissions. That they're horrible is usually a given.