Monday, April 11, 2011


Two months ago, I was reading intros and how-tos and advice snippets about how to write a good blog. One of them said "moderate yourself, don't expect to much. Set a posting standard, like once a week." Of course, I went "BAH!" And my posting standard became once a day.

So that puts me where...? Seven days behind in April? That's pretty pathetic. So-o-o-o. I'm going to celebrate April and Allergy Season by, well, I'm not sure. April and Allergy Season just sounds nice together.

Spiderweb Raindrops has been driving me insane lately. Mostly because I've been in the mood to write it while at school and since it's one of my major projects, it's all on the computer with no notebooks. Stupid major projects. Anyway, I've even half-written the epilogue out, even if I'm not even finished with the first chapter and only part way done with the second.

I need to find some way of wrapping up the first chapter. It's getting way to long, and if I want to keep the days at equal length, I'm going to have to find enough material to fill in all the days. O.O You're not going to want to be around me when I hit the Middle Cycle. Because I hate the Middle Cycle. I outline and I plan and I outline and I plan and the Middle Cycle still completely falls apart. Stupid Middle Cycle.

Anyway, the epilogue has actually helped me finalize which direction I'm going to take the story. It's really a friendship story, between Ora and Carmen; a friendship story that runs almost parallel to the story between Erik and Asheme, who are, to some degree, viewed as the villains of the story.

I'm really loving the story, just because it's so different from anything I've tried to write before, and it doesn't feel like a Star Wars rip-off. What worries me about that is that I don't know what it's similar too, and if I don't know what something is similar too, it's more likely I'm subconsciously writing something very similar to a story that I've read or heard. There are some parallels to the Enderverse, by Orson S. Card, but I'm intentionally focuses on people with very different personalities than Ender, Bean, Valentine, Peter and whats-his-name-Bean's-brother... Nikolai?

Hm... there are a lot of similarities. Card is a genius in his storytelling - in his children's books - but I think Ray Bradbury is usurping him as the style I want to follow, at least in general.

There's an update on me. I'm going to go write.

I feel like a unicorn like now.

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  1. Ray Bradbury has an AMAZING writing style. It kind of usurped everything else for me too =P

    And yeah,.... the Middle Cycle sucks... <.<