Friday, June 17, 2011


Go ahead, Sandy. Celebrate.


So. I'm back.

You know, yeah, I didn't die. I just learned why TV series only have twenty-six episodes a season. Anyway, hi.



It's almost summer. I've finished four out of five exams and well, math's the only one left. I've completed my first year in school. Really. I have. I have. I have. I have! As you can tell; I'm back and I'm excited. The Kansas City trip is in eleven days. The VA reunion is after that, although, frankly, I'm not AS excited for the Virginia trip as I am for the KC leg of it. Sure, I love my family and everything, and it'll be great to see them, but... Kansas City!

It's the writer's workshop that I've been looking forward to since last year ended. It's... oh. I'm just excited.

Anyway, the soccer season's ended, I'm trying to focus on one of my stories – Shackles, because it's a pretty straightforward one, that I've already got five chapters done on it – and, well, yeah, lots and lots of writing.

And I'm reading a 1069 page (size 8 print) book, but I'll do a lot of that on the plane ride.

And, um, yeah. That's pretty much an update on me.

I'm watching America's Got Talent right now. It's in the audition phase, but some of it's really good. There's this girl who looks like Justin Bieber, well, no, she's twenty-two, so Bieber looks like her. She sang this song she wrote about being a Bieber look alike and it was hysterical. Keil had a field day. He has a new crush, by the way, for all you people who don't know his story, he is, um, not a Bieber fan.

Isn't it annoying how every talent show uses Lady Gaga's “Born This Way” as a talent show song? It's horrible.

Now there's a parakeet. It's laughing. The parakeet is laughing. It's... disturbing.



Weird image.



I like America's Got Talent. There's some crazy stuff. Normally I really don't like talent shows. And Sharon Osbourne is just... yeah. Howie's funny and the fact that the other guy has a British accent is just amazing. It's great.

More disturbning images. Grandmother playing rock. Creepy.





Oh. Wow. They're playing bottles! That's awesome. I love the audition stages, cause, well, they do stuff quickly and you get a lot of everything and some really awesome complete whiffs. There was a talent show at my school. It was... laughable. There was this one boy who sang a song that even I knew, and he forgot the lyrics, so he just fudged it. It was... strange. Because he ended up just singing about apples.

Apples. I mean, honestly. Apples.

Snicker. Sorry. More mental images. I'm just... in a bizarre mood. And internet's out and everyone else is down at pickups for soccer, so, I've got no one to talk too. Hobbes is ignoring me, too. It's like I'm invisible. I was invisible during my soccer game yesterday, no one passed to me. Annoying.

I was proclaimed a professional rambler today. Half an hour of rambling and I didn't even mention writer OR Doctor Who. It was an amazing accomplishment. I mean, I rarely ramble that long without bringing up my two major rambling devices. And I'm ramblign now. And I'm gonna be quiet now. 'Cause I'm gonna go bug Hobbes and he's gonna hate me for it.

Not really. He's a cat.

He loves.

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    I really have been missing this. There are blogs out there that I read, but they all feel so... unfriendly compared to some that haven't been updating recently. -shivers-

    Anyway, cats do not love. They are evil and want to take over the word just like my sister's demon dog Marshmallow. He's in league with the cats.

    I am so freaking excited for the workshops.

    And you were in such a fun mood when you wrote this ^_^ I love it.