Thursday, April 14, 2011


Save me; neon is coming.

A couple of days ago, people - mostly girls - started wearing white and pastels and bright colors. And I probably should have expected that, as spring is stubbornly arriving. You know, as much as I love palm Sunday, Easter and Pentacost, I really dislike spring.

So. I just got used to the girls wearing the warm, springish kind of colors and then the boys come out and start wearing NEONS! I just can't take it! >.< Yellows and greens and oranges and bright, bright, bright white! It was a sea of neon shirts today, contrasted only by the black shirts of people in sports uniforms. I said I dislike spring; I dislike neons about ten times more.

Neon. Neon. Neon.

I think the closest Doctor Who got to neon was Seven's (?) white costume. Four's scarf is certainly famous and memorable, but the Doctor himself has rarely ever been so brightly colored. As for the companions... well... Rose and Donna especially liked bright colors. And Romana II. And IT'S ONLY NINE DAYS AWAY! -squeals-

I've only got one more day of school and then I can just work on writing and sit around and wait because the DOCTOR is coming to town! IEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIE!

And I just saw a short clip from one of the episodes. And it had River in it. IEIEIEIEIEIEI!

I need sugar.

G'morning. (even if it's night)

I'm gonna go find Luna Lovegood and have a weirdness conference now.


  1. -laughs- You are SO weird.

    And I forgot to tell you this but a couple of days ago I saw an orange and black NY license plate on a car... and immediately thought of you. And then I saw it again like the next day O_o Freakeh.

    On an annoying contradictory side note, I love spring. And neon obviously.

  2. It's the new license plates. And not that it matters, but up close they're orange and dark blue. =P Believe me, I'm angsted about those plates quite a bit.

  3. AW!!!! <.< DARK BLUE RUINS EVERYTHING. It's my least favorite color. And really... orange and DARK BLUE? What in the world?!?

    I take these things seriously =P