Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nothing Spectacular

My weekend:

Friday Afternoon. Go to Dad's house. Work on Algebra 2 and Trig while ignoring a rather persistent and annoying cat.

Evening. Watch a fabulous old Doctor Who. Exchange about ten words with a brother I haven't seen much in the past year. Go to sleep still ignoring the rather persistent cat.

Saturday Morning. Wake up with headache and minor stomach ache. Lie abed and dread late morning.

Late Morning. Go to incredibly ordinary soccer practice.

At Soccer Practice: Scrimmage younger brother Bob's team. Thankfully, he was absent, as was Fred. We lost, due to the help of an inconsistency player from the other team playing for us. And now Bob is being all smug about it.

After Practice. Go home. What fun. At home; lounge on couch, do Chinese homework, and put Disney channel on as background. Those shows are seriously so stupid. I mean, the only thing funny about iCarly is the relationship between Freddie and Sam, and they overuse that way too much.

Early Evening. Eat dinner and ignore the Cat. Dad and I call the Cat the Cat a lot. It's like his name isn't his name anymore. He's just the Cat. Maybe I should start spelling it with a k...

Late Evening. Go to soccer game. Deal with a team who's incredibly shocked that I don't know who Megan Fox is. Well, how am I supposed to know who Megan Fox is? It's not like I've ever watched transformers. I know I play on a guy's soccer team and I know that eight of these guys all go to the same school – an all guys school, actually – but it's ridiculous how much this whole team gets worked up. All in good fun, of course.

Late, Later Evening. Come home. Go to sleep.

Sunday Morning. Wake up. Have headache, stomach ache, mild fever. Go back to sleep.

Late Morning. Wake up again. Watch a Babylon 5 episode. Watch another Babylon 5 episode. Start folding paper swans while watching a third Babylon 5 episode.

Early Afternoon. Has lunch while watching fourth Babylon 5 episode.

Middle Afternoon. Fifth and sixth Babylon 5 episodes.

Late Afternoon. Start watching seventh Babylon 5 episode. Ignore very, very, very persistent cat who wants food. Does not feed the Cat. Gets scratched in the face.

Later Afternoon. Get in car and head to Mom's house.

Early Evening. Eat dinner. Does incredibly boring and stupid science homework. Starts writing this thing.

Late Evening. Will post this blog, finish that seventh Babylon 5 episode, read for awhile and go to sleep.

Don't I live just the busiest, most engaging life ever? My life story is just so stimulating.


  1. Ohhh dear Er. I do love you.

    iCarly is on Nickelodeon, not Disney Channel. XD

  2. That's a TECHNICALITY! What does it matter? =P

  3. Gripping stuff, really =P

    And finally someone agrees with me about iCarly. Not only does Nickelodeon decide to create the most idiotic show of the decade, but then they don't even have the decency to properly capitalize the name?

  4. But I like the capitalized. It's funny...

    You know that Nathan Kress is apparently a Christian? That scares me.