Friday, February 25, 2011


Where I've been:

You know, the only state I have have trouble spelling is Connecticut. Massachusetts is easy enough, as is Illinois, Mississippi and the rest of all those states. Why can I never spell Connecticut? It's spelled right here, of course, because spellchecker is a wonderful thing.

And then, I hate spellchecker because I have so many problems with words that aren't the right words, but they're also correct words; just not in the right order or whatever.

I'm not making any sense. Even to myself. That's bad. Maybe I need more sleep. Sleep is good.

I had a recurring nightmare a few days ago that my school was eating me. The orange and the black were cheering it on – sorry Sanneh – and it was actually really disturbing and everything. I kept waking up, going back to sleep, having the nightmare and waking up again. It also had a few characters from Babylon 5 woven through it. And one of the main heroines had orange hair, in the dream, which was incredibly disturbing.

Anyway. Hm...

I'm in Connecticut, at least when I wrote this. I'll probably post it when I get home. Home. What a strange, subjective place to be. What is home? Is it a person? A belief? A place? I don't know, and right now, I'm not awake enough to bother trying to figure it out.

This is scary, I've been watching a ton of Babylon 5 lately and it's almost epic in some ways as Doctor Who. Doctor Who is great, but Babylon 5 has more good reoccurring characters. Waver's watching me write this. There will be some bias, right? =P Anyway, Doctor Who has the Doctor, yes, and River. Babylon 5 has Sheridan and Delenn, who are epic, Ivanova, G'Kar, Linnier – I feel so sorry for Linnier, he's such a cute, little, innocent but deadly kind of character – Vir, Garibaldi... Okay, I'll stop talking about Doctor Who and Babylon 5, for now. I'll probably compare and contrast them later.


Stupid spellchecker.

Keil wants to say hi. So Keil is saying hi. All my characters feel neglected, that's not so great. I'm going now. Sorry for being non-existant.


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  1. Oh DEAR.
    The orange and black... another coincidence.. <.< >.<