Friday, February 11, 2011

Bob, Fred, and Leroy

Why do we love Bob and Fred? And Leroy; which I must through in for not so obvious reasons that will probably be explained. Maybe, I'm not sure if I'll get around to Leroy.

Bob: Let's see...Bob the Builder, Bob the Tomato.

...Woooooow. Totally off topic, but I just saw a commercial that showed clips from the Superbowl while “Wish Upon a Star Played.” The two just don't got together. Ever.

And those were just the two that came to my mine first. I looked up a list of “Bob's” and the list was seriously about a thousand and one Bob's underneath the baseball players alone. And then there was football. And then there was actors, the musicians, politicians, more fictional characters, etc. etc. etc. It was really, really, really long.

And then Fred. That was just as bad. There are so many Freds, Freddies, Fredricks, Bobs, Bobbys, Roberts and the Bob list even listed the Robertas and the Robbies. It's hysterical how much the names have integrated into our culture. They're such famous and everything. I find it hysterical.

And I think my Incognito-Younger-Brother and His-Best-Friend agreed, because of their nicknames Bob and Fred. Really original, right? There's no female names like that, really. The one syllable, really cute, famous names. Yes Bob, yes Fred, I called your names cute. I think it's great that there's no female names like that. Because it makes Bob and Fred so special. Annoying, when referring to certain people, but definitely special.

As for Leroy; well, blame Rick Riordan. He's such a great author. I mean, only the best authors actually ever cause problems. Well, in three of his series... um...guys, what's the plural of series? Anyway, Percy Jackson in the Olympians – I don't remember which book, but Leroy showed up as the name of a monster. And then in the Kane Chronicles, it showed up as another monsters. And in the Heroes of Olympus, it showed up again. I think Leroy is is Riordan's special name. It's hysterical. Especially as hysterical as Bob and Fred.

Love Leroy. For he is amazing.


I think that's it.


  1. I love Leroy. And the book is The Last Olympian, by the way. Chapter...eight? It's during the meeting of the cabin counselors, when Percy is trying to be optimistic about Typhon. Leroy is also mentioned in the Titan's Curse, when Percy and Grover return the Oracle to the attic. Some label on an artifact saying "Leroy took this and got killed," something like that.

    I also love Bob. There's something just inherently awesome about that name. And it so fits the Incognito-Little-Brother.

    And...well, let's not get started on Fred =P

  2. Huh... Haddix always has Jasons. I wonder if that's just a thing with authors.