Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Beginning



Apparently, all there is to blogging is writing what you feel and think and just... breath in, breath out... letting the words flow. It actually sounds kinda boring to me. I mean, I never really read anybody's blog because I don't spend a lot of time online, and try to focus on other things, but since about three different people have recommended I try, I'll try.

Whoever out that will actually bother to read this – I can think of about three people – already know me well enough to probably predict what I'll say, but for the rest of you. I shall be random. You shall be assaulted with pointy marshmallows and bazookas. Hm... marshmallows seem to be important to me tonight. I will rant. I will rave. I will talk about Doctor Who. And I will probably make copious amount of spelling mistakes.

Like how many times it took me to spell “amount” in the sentence just before this one. First it was “about” and then “amoung” and then “among” and then “amont” and then I completely forgot the “a,” please be forgiving.



I think I'm being redundant here. Sorry. I shall try to stop being redundant because, apparently, redundancy is bad. Redundant is a nice word, don't you think? Re-dun-dant. Rolls of the tongue nicely. Sometimes, I wonder if they know what redundancy means in 24th century, because Star Trek certainly doesn't. I mean, one shot would not cripple an entire ship!

You know, I just realized the the I made a grammar mistake eleven sentences ago (Eleven, if you count the one word sentences.); which I'm not going to correct. “And I will probably make copious amountS of spelling mistakes.” There. Error fixed. And more one word sentences. Aren't one word sentences and sentence fragments simply amazing? I love them.

Do these things ever have any logical structure to them at all? My conscious just said, “Shesh, Lizzie, you're the one writing this, of course there's no logical structure.” Sometimes, I really don't understand my conscious, because I can be incredibly logical when it comes down to it. And I shall save the logic rant for another day, because that would be incredibly off topic for this one blog. I just used incredibly twice in two sentences. Incredible! Although, on the whole topic of my conscious; I've never understand why my conscious always calls me Lizzie.

Oh, no. I think I'm going to get addicted to this very soon. I need someone to tell me I'm awful at it. That always helps cure the randomness.



Not really.

Anyway, enjoy the randomness for now.

And don't eat the marshmallows, for they are pointy and they shall poke you.

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  1. Lame parting comment =P

    -whacks your conscious- LIZZIE? That's so stupid.

    ORANGE LEAVES!! -dances with the orange leaves- AND BLACKNESS! I like it.