Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Celebrity Christians

So... we were talking about Nathan Kress supposedly being a Christian and why that scares me.

I am conservative. I'm a conservative with some wacky ideas, which kind of counteracts the meaning of conservative, but I say it anyway. A couple of weeks ago, I was described as an oxymoron. That fits me, in a lot of ways.

Anyway, my view on celebrity Christians:

Either people exaggerate the fact that they're Christians and use it to their own benefit, or they truly are Christians and get downtrodden for the fact. I'm sure that's not the case in all people, but it seems that in the general scheme of things, that happens to be the majority of circumstances.

Albert Pujols, an incredibly famous baseball player, used the fact he was a Christian for his own benefit. I'm not entirely sure of the details of the whole scandal, but he got a lot of grief for some immortality which conflicted with him saying that he was a Christian and everything. Naturally, Pujols really got off just fine while the church had to take all the problems. In contrast to him, but still in baseball, Fernando Tatis returned to game because his hometown needed money to rebuild a church, he just never did much beyond mention why he came out of retirement.

I don't understand it. I don't try to understand it. But why does it seem that individual “Christian” celebrities always get off just fine when their religion, when their faith, takes the blow. It doesn't make sense to me.

I think my other problem with Christian celebrities is that we don't know. We simply don't know. Imagine what would happen if someone like Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus, or, going further back and even higher up in scale of AH! Britany Spears were to profess their faith in Jesus Christ. I mean, it would be totally chaotic and problem end up reflecting poorly on the church.

My whole view on this changes when it comes to politics, but that really is a whole different discussion as it's incredibly anti-Obama and I'm not fully ready to crack open that can of worms.

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  1. I promise that you are an oxymoron XP

    (and you said immortality instead of immorality. Just had to point that out. And laugh about it. Very hard. XDXD)

    Did you knoow some people do think that Miley Cyrus? It's almost refreshing that Skandar Keynes is proud of being an atheist. Stupid, but at least he's not pretending to be a Christian.