Sunday, June 26, 2011


I have a dinosaur.

No. Really. I do.

It's a dinosaur. And he's special.

It's my dinosaur and his name is Barbara. Yes. HIS name is BARBARA. It was Barbara's choice, his name. I'm thinking he choose it because I gave him the choice of a name while I was going through a MADAME KOVARIAN'S NAME IS BARBARA phase. (It is, really. Madame Kovarian's first name is Barbara. Barbara Kovarian. She's a Doctor Who villain, for you people who don't know.) But yeah. Barbara the dinosaur. I think he's a triceratops, but who can be certain?

Anyway, Barbara keeps a record of all the little words I have that mean something else. Or... are just misspellings that I like and refuse to give. Some words are inside jokes. Some words are my own creations. Some words I use in sentences, forgetting that no one around me knows anything about the context I'm using those words in. I think one of you might know what Barbara truly is. Two, if Bob's friend Fred got a hold of this blog in some freakish accident.

I guess Bob and Fred are kind of words that belong under Barbara's keeping. More so are the others: Jota. Trailmix. Marshmallow Toast (which I am not!). Those are special. And can be used in certain circumstances but not in others. Some I've poached from other people, like Burger. Or Fredfredburger. Or Burgerfredburger. The list goes ON and ON and ON and ON.

Not all of the words are related to names though... There's this one, Nah, which was kind of invented by my social studies class. I'm STILL not sure what it means and it's been in use for close to a year now. Anyway, a couple of the guys in that class were, I don't know, awed, I suppose, by our teacher's intelligence and her overall control of the classroom. They gave her a nickname. Nah. And whenever the teacher called you out on something, or someone said something especially intelligent in response to something, the catcall would always be "You just got Nah'd!" I have yet to discover if Nah has any other meanings. But Barbara claimed Nah anyways.

Barbara has a whole section just for words stolen from OYAN. Oyan, is one of them. Although, Oyan IS technically a city in Nigeria... I'll use Oyan as a synonym for epic, sometimes. And then there's danves, which is just a cute misspelling of dances which got immortalized by the rather insane minds of the forum. Glomp also comes from the forum.

Some of my Barbara words are just plain fun.

Hevvyrationnstackl. SUGAR rope. A burro. Classified. Huag. Schglompff. SchglomPHf. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Coathanger. Snicgles. Charrie. Classifeds. Hare. Hair. Carrot. Whovian. Wub. Ladder. Cheeseball. Flufferdinkle. Star. Butterfly. Nougat. Yellow. Mockingbirds. Notepads. Creep-i-dinkle-y. Petunia. THIRTY-EIGHT!

PI! 3.1107355242...

And yeah. That's a pretty good summery of my dinosaur. And no explanation. Okay. Maybe a few explanations. But this is MY dinosaur, okay? Find your own. =P

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