Friday, October 14, 2011


People collect weird things. Like stamps. Model planes. Toys. Gum wrappers. Paintings. Guns. Campaign buttons. Books. Stuffed animals. "White-man"-scalps. Keys. Photos. Video games. Baseball cards. Cars. Stuff like that. Stuff like everything. Mine's one of the weirder ones. And it's not really an active collection. Just kind of a passive collection. And I'm not even sure why.

But yeah. You don't know anyone else who collects pencil shavings, do you?

Or am I just special like that?

It's not like I do anything with them. I've got enough pencils... I've got the sharpeners. I'd like to dry and do some pencil shaving pictures, but right now, all my shavings are currently sitting in a decorative trashcan, metaphorically catching dust. Okay. They're probably literally collecting dust. And what am I going to do with a bunch of pencils shavings other than pour them over someone's head at a wedding? That's what my thousand paper cranes. are for. Although... I only have 304 swans on my strings right now. I've folded a bazillion more than that, but only 304 for the actual project of folding a thousand paper cranes.

These pictures aren't mine, by the way. I'm only using them because I'm not a picture taker myself and these collections happen to be at Dad's house. Which I'm not at right now. And can you tell I just figured out how to put pictures in this thing? =P Silly really, given how simple it is. But I'm just not a picture person. Oooh. I also have a small key collection, too. That's just starting though. It takes a long time to collect keys. Both of my grandparents collect keys. I've seen one of the collections. It's huge. And there was a key that said "KEIL" on it. I have a character named Keil.

He got a big head. =P

So those are my collections. Keys. Paper cranes. Pencil shavings. Normal. Slightly abnormal. Bizarre.

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