Monday, October 17, 2011



Simple enough for you, eh?

No. Of course not.

Potassium. K.

Sodium. Na.

Iron. Fe.

Silver. Ag.

Antimony. Sb.

Why can't it just be normal?! In all honesty, I shouldn't complain about this. I've got a pretty solid foundation for the definition of the different elements. I know that Flourine is F and not Fl. I know which one is H, Hydrogen or Helium. I know that the simple, easy to remember ones are Oxygen, Sulfur, Phosphorus (not that I can spell it), Boron, Carbon, Flourine, Hydrogen, Vanadium, Iodine, Yttrium (not that I can spell it either), and Nitrogen. At least, those are the really easy ones. Potassium isn't hard once you know it's... K.

I don't get Xenon, though. I mean, it is the only x. Why don't they just use x?! I mean, it would be so much simpler, and it's the only element that starts with an X. Is it that hard to differentiate between the variable of an equation and that of an elemental definition. Sigh. The system is so messed up. But it's fun too. And some of them do make sense. Argon. Bromine. Aluminum. Helium. Calcium. Beryllium. Neon. Cobalt. Nickel. Gallium. Silicon. Germanium. Krypton. Those. Those are just the first two letters.

I'm beginning to hate Magnesium and Manganese, by the way. Mg and Mn respectively.

But... But... WHY is Copper Cu?! Grumbles. That's my least favorite. Because it's close... but not close. Stupid old copper.

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