Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hakuna Matata

Sandy. Look away. Spoilers.

Or really anyone, if you haven't seen the Lion King or Tangled. 

It's scary how many people know me as that now. And most of my close friends, that's their first impression of me. I mean, I was expecting to change it pretty soon after I changed from Pendulum to become Hakuna Matata. Actually, I think only about three people remember me ever being Pendulum. And I don't think anyone remembers my name when I first joined the OYAN forum. I guess what's also scary is how having the username of Hakuna Matata has influenced me.

For one thing, Matt is one of my acceptable nicknames. I look up when people call other people that. Tams. Tatas. Kunas. That's all me. But it all comes from two Swahili words that happen to mean "No Worries." It's weird again how I disagree with the No Worries philosophy. I mean, even Simba disagrees with it, in the end. =P But, yeah. I could be all theorectical and say I put it there to remind myself always to learn from the past as a kind of counter-intuitive, but that's just... reflection and hindsight. Honestly I just picked it because it was a fun collection of letters from a fun movie.

Lion King wasn't even one of my favorite movies back then; I didn't appreciate it as much. But now I do. It was amazing in three-d, by the way. It was like the animators of that movie knew that the 3D technology was going to become available, and then they animated the Lion King to be ready for transformation into 3D practically instantaneous. It was great. Lasseter's going a great job with Disney. They had a great 50th film (Tangled). And it's just... Lasseter's great.

I had a dream about that. I was eating dinner with a bunch of movie directors like Lasseter and Bruckheimer and some others. George Lucas kept trying to make me eat Turkish Delight. Which I despise. But yeah. In the dream, Lasseter and I got in a discussion about Tangled, and he said he agreed with me that Flynn Ryder should have died, but that Disney made him do otherwise. Siiiiigh. The perfect dream, ruined. They should have at least killed Pascal. Someone should have died. Still. It was one of the best Disney endings, ever. Ah. Disney. Pixar. Fun animation. Rock on.

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  1. I totally remember Pendulum. I thought you were such a cool freak.

    As you can see I didn't look away =P